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KLINGER Reflex, Transparent, Bo-Colour Level Gauges, Gauge Glass, and Transmitter Image

KLINGER Reflex, Transparent, Bo-Colour Level Gauges, Gauge Glass, and Transmitter

A comprehensive range of KLINGER Reflex, Transparent & Bi-Colour Level Gauges are available at Gumpold Fluid Controls Pte Ltd. The determining factors for choosing a suitable gauge for your application is Fluid, Operating Pressure and Operating Temperature. It is these factors that the design, construction materials and finally the price of the liquid level gauge depend. Baiscally, Klinger Liquid Level Gauge can be used in every medium. 

Reflex Gauge - On steam boilers where the pressure does not exceed 32bar.
                    - In the process industry, the refelx gauge gives the clearest indication regardless of whether the medium is clear  or colour water.

Transparent Gauge - Up to 120 bar, transparent gauge on steam boilers are provided with an illuminator to ensure perfect visual indication.
- If the medium is dirty, viscous or aggressive, Klinger Transparent Glasses guarantee better indication.

Bi-Colour Gauge - Klinger have developed Bi-colour level gauge for high pressure steam boliers and condensate accumulators - for saturated steam up to 180 bar and 355.5 deg C.

Glass Tube Level Gauge - For used on low pressure safe media application.

The well proven TC Klinger Magnetic Level Gauge is particularly suitable for duties where dangerous and toxic liquids or gases are involved.

Magnetic Level Gauges depends not only on the integrity of the chamber but aslo on the float design and the ability to satisfy all deisgn parameters, ie specific gravity, pressure and temperature, without compromising the magnetic linkage to the display and associated controls.

Applications: Refinery
Petrochemical plants
Processing of Chemical materials
Food Industry
Hdyro Plants
Pulp and paper industry
Textile producing factories
Key Specifications/Special Features: • Clear and vivid level indication
• Well-crafted from durable and best quality components
• Improved functionality catering almost all applications
• Tough and rugged even in most challenging situations
• Highly effective and efficient in different measuring operations
• Fully functional and cost-effective
• Excellent working pressure
• Easy and uncomplicated to use
• Trouble-free installation
• Long lasting functional life
• Designed with premium quality glass
• Suitable for high pressure and temperature conditions

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