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KERB KONUS - Threaded Insert

This amazing Fastening Technology from KerbKonus is applicable for different industrial sector all over the world.

This Threaded Inserts distributed by VF Fastening System Pte Ltd has reliable and sophisticated fastening solutions for more feasible applications which are implemented to our Research and Development Department.

Our management has exchange of experience and expertise on international level and close cooperation for the assurance that our company stays on the state of the art technological development.

We distribute Thread Inserts that has secure fastening technology which are truly reliable and effective in every application that are suitable for your requirements.

• ISO 9001:2008
• ISO/TS 16949
• ISO 14001:2004
This certification assures that our products are high quality, reliable and safe to use.

The Thread Inserts that we offer are available in different kinds according to its sizes and applications such as
Threaded Inserts for metal
Threaded Inserts for wood and plastic
Threaded inserts for thin sheet metal
• Threaded locking and sealing insulating coating
• Punched System for thin metal components

• Effective and large shearing surface
• No moulding sand trapped on the thread
• Precise thread position
• Non sensitive to shrinkage of small areas
• Durable
• Easy to use and maintain
• Safe to use

Applications: • Automotive Industries such as passenger and commercial vehicle
• Plant and equipment construction
• Household appliance
• Office machinery
• Laboratory and electrical supplies
• Military applications
Country Of Product Origin: Germany
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