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KEENSERT - Heavy Duty Inserts

A wide selection of high quality KEENSERT – Heavy Duty Inserts can now be availed at VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd. Specifically designed to provide high strength joints in low strength materials, these KEENSERT Inserts are typically used in applications like electronic equipment, transmission housings, suspension units and many more. These threaded inserts are offered in various metric and inch thread sizes, and have a stainless steel solid bushing configuration which guarantees the quality of the internal thread prior to installation. Our KEENSERT inserts are easy to install since there are no special tools required. Instead, standards taps and drills are used for hole preparation. The pre-assembled self-broaching keys set the insert to depth, ensuring positive resistance against rotation.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
• High strength, easy to install and high cycle life
• Positive mechanical lock eliminates wind out in service
• Increased torque-down and load capability in weaker materials
• No special taps required and no tangs to break off and remove

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