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ISHAN Lubricating Pump and Grease Pump

This range of high quality and reliable ISHAN Lubricating Pump and Grease Pump can now be availed at Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd to accommodate various industrial needs.

These pumps for lubrication are mainly designed to feed lubricant from the lubricant reservoir into the tubing system of the centralized lubrication system. It is constructed from top grade materials to achieve optimum performance and durability. It is associated with pressure that is high enough to compensate for pressure drops in the tubing, filters, valves and friction points.

We have the 14-YAK Automatic Piston Lubricator from our range of products, featuring three operation modes. These modes include lubrication where the lubricator runs via lubrication time after power-on, intermittence where the lubricator runs via intermittent time after power-on, and memory where the lubricator runs via the previous set after power-on. Other features include adjustable lubrication and intermittent time, float switch alarms, pressure release device, valve’s fixed pressure, panel indicator, long time operation motor, etc.

At Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd, we provide high performing lubrication pumps available in different types and configurations to provide solutions to varieties of application needs.

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