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IORI Electric Diesel Winch

For your most challenging lifting, pulling and positioning requirements, Growa (F.E.) Pte Ltd delivers the toughest solution with our IORI Electric Diesel Winch. This Diesel Winch is operated by diesel engine and not like the sole electric winch this provides a prime mover and gearing system based in advanced technology for optimum efficiency and extensively used in a wide-range of construction site and marine projects.

Electric Diesel Winch Advantages
• Offers high quality components which deliver a very reliable performance and above average performance
• Durability, tested for long lasting service
• Designed to offer maximum environmental resistance and flexible to accommodate horizontal, vertical or upside down positioning
• Built to ensure that motor ability shall deliver its maximum capacity
• High-rated load control system

In a modern world which requires an innovative ways to keep clients, Growa (F.E.) Pte Ltd surely has our own ways to be on top of the competition in terms of providing a quality winch to cater your needs.

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