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Hydroven Mini Control Units

State-of-the-art design combined with superior performance is brought by Hydroven Mini Control Units available at Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd. These very versatile control units consist of modular elements with smaller dimension and wide range of simple assembling parts. Thus, mini control units ensure and allow great solution for lots of applications in a compact way even without any tubes and supplements assembling needed.

A lot of Hydroven Mini Control Units are composed of high performance gear pump, D.C or A.C. electric motors, steel or plastic oil tank, variety of modular plates and connecting central housing.

An extensive range of Hydroven Mini Control Units are offered at Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd. All control units are guaranteed top grade and reliable in numerous operations.
Applications: • Forklift trucks
• Lifting plates
• Mobile Vehicle side panel
• Tipping Body
• Mobile charging platform
• Boat gangways
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Compact Model
Displacement cm/Speed Gear 0.25-9.8
Pressure max bar bar 230
Rated Power kW C.C - 12 V kW 0.5-2
Rated Power kW C.C - 24 V kW 0.5-3.5
Rated Power kW C.C - 48 V kW 2
Rated Power kW C.A - 220/380 V kW 0.25
Oil Tank l 10-20

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In the year 1989, Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd (formerly known as Hydrocar Asia) was established as a branch of Hydrocar SRL in...