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Hydra-Tech Pumps Hydraulic Submersible Pump

Pumps & General Pte Ltd is a reputable distributor of Hydra-Tech Pumps Hydraulic Submersible Pump – the perfect choice for hydraulic drive pump in today’s fast changing world.

Our company offers wide range of Hydra-Tech pumps that can handle the most demanding jobs from slow to high volume flow of water or other liquid substance. These hydraulic submersible pumps are innovatively cast in various metals to achieve compatibility and interchangeability to other parts as well as to perform consistently and efficiently at all times. We also have unique pumps that can handle specific or special application requirements.

The Hydra-Tech Pumps Hydraulic Submersible Pump is ideal for pumping higher viscosity liquids such as heavy fuel oils, latex, and refinery wastes using a positive displacement screw. When pumping lighter materials, the impeller acts a centrifugal type providing high capacity. Standard types pump for oil recovery operations. Special versions available for pumping natural latex and molasses.

Features of the Hydra-Tech Pumps Hydraulic Submersible Pump:

• Unique Centrifugal Screw impeller for pumping of liquids with higher viscosities
• Small Overall Size allows for use in confined spaces
• Low Emulsifying properties
• Low Shear of liquids
• Can be used inline as a booster pump
• Safe Hydraulic Drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical
• Operates with our HT60 to HT125 power units or other hydraulic power sources capable of flows of 25-39 GPM

Types of Pumps:
• Axial Flow Pumps
• Solid Handling / Sewage Pumps
• Sand / Slurry Pumps
• Heavy Oil Screw Pumps
• General Purpose Pumps
• Hydraulic Power Units


1. Ballast Pumping
2. Refinery Waste Pumping
3. Ships Cargo Off-Loading
4. Manhole Dewatering
5. Hot Oil Pumping
6. Chemical Waste Lagoons
7. Gold and All other Mining Industries
8. Quarry Dewatering
9. Lake Drainage
10. Fire Fighting
11. Deepwell Dewatering
12. Oil skimming and Recovery, etc.

Product Range:
• For Hydraulic Power Unit Models
Max Flow: 3 GPM – 90 GPM
Max Press: 1800 psi – 3000 psi
Weight: 192 lbs – 4060 lbs

• Other units:

Models Discharge Size Max Flow Max Head
Sim Line Pumps 1 1/4" - 6" 65 GPM - 1325 GPM 140 ft - 210 ft
General Purpose Pumps 2" - 3" 210 GPM - 500 GPM 125 ft - 425 ft
Axial Flow Water Pumps 6" - 14" 110 GPM - 10,000 GPM 25 ft - 60 ft
Sand &Slurry Pumps 3" - 6" 460 GPM - 1250 GPM 85 ft - 135 ft
Solids Handing Pumps 2" - 12" 180 GPM - 8500 GPM 92 ft - 165 ft
Centrifugal Screw Pumps 3" - 4" 875 GPM 165 ft

Pumps & General Pte Ltd aims to continue providing pump products that will satisfy every costumer’s demands, we will make sure that all pumps we supply are good in quality and delivered on time.

To get more details please contact us or simply post your enquiries below for immediate orders and quotation requests.

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