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Westward Marketing Service is a reputable company distributing reliable Cable Glands designed to secure and effectively attach the end of a cable to equipment. These cable glands, also known as cable fitting or cable connector is a mechanical cable entry device which can be assembled from metallic or non-metallic materials.

Cable Glands are widely used in different industries for connecting cable and wiring found in automation systems and electrical instrumentations. Cable Glands are important part of an electrical installation material because it seals and maintain the cable into the electrical equipment without compromising the ingress protection rating of the enclosures. Thus, avoiding the cable to be pulled out of the equipment or twisted while connected to the equipment.

We offer affordable Cable Glands suitable on any type of telecommunication, data, instrumentation, control and electrical power cables. The enclosure in which the cable enters can also be maintained sufficiently due to the sealing and termination characteristics of Cable Glands that keep away dust and moisture.

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