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Humidity Indicator Card (HIC)

Q-Pac Group Pte Ltd offers full line of reliable Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) suitable for various applications such as electronic components, computer hardware, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, electronic displays, medical electronics, military and aerospace electronics, etc.

Our humidity indicator cards are specifically designed to provide external monitoring of humidity levels inside a moisture barrier bag after vacuum packaging. These high performing humidity indicators are one of the most accurate cards available in the market. These have the ability to detect changes in the humidity of the space being monitored by using a colour change indicator paper which turns from blue to pink as the humidity increases, and turns back to blue when the humidity decreases. These humidity cards are made of blotting paper impregnated with cobalt (II) chloride base, or copper (II) chloride base, and comply with standards such as MIL-I-8835 and MIL-P-116 MTH II and JEDEC.

At Q-Pac Group Pte Ltd, we provide rectangular humidity indicator cards that include both Reversible and Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards. Using these cards, electronic products can be protected against moisture to increase their life span.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
• Accurately indicates humidity conditions in various types of barrier packaging
• Allows instant visual verification of product integrity
• Easy to use and low cost
• Detects changes in the humidity by using a colour change indicator paper
• Complies with standards such as MIL-I-8835 and MIL-P-116 MTH II and JEDEC

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