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HS Penta Front Mount Cylinders

Excellent Range, Power and Versatility are offered by these HS Penta Front Mount Cylinders available at Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd. These hydraulic cylinders are manufactured from high quality steel allowing working pressure of 200 bars.

Front Mount Cylinders have very small machining tolerances and guides in top quality material (Delrin) which ensures extra-small running clearances, giving tremendous rigid extended cylinder. This provides maximum contribution to stabilize the whole vehicle.

The HS Penta Front Mount Cylinders can be integrated with various mounting accessories (top/bottom brackets), hydraulic and pneumatic end-of-stroke devices. Cylinder block system patented safety devices and VCD speed descent control valves are also available. These features greatly prevent possible damages or injuries that might happen in case of hose failure.
Key Specifications/Special Features: • Powerful performance in numerous applications
• Extreme versatility and ruggedness even in the most harsh working environments
• Provide maximum stability of the whole vehicle
• Designed with very large overlap (double bottom guides) providing extra-stiff column strength
• Stages machined using seamless hot rolled tubes both in the I.D and on the O.D
• Chrome piston rod as standard – ensure longer life of the most stressed pressure and wiper seal
• Fully functional with extended service life
• Equipped with state-of-the-art features to prevent possible damage or injury
• Can be combined with numerous mounting accessories
• Largest range of models are available worldwide – lifting capacity from 20 to 100 tons and more
• Higher working pressures
• Up to 10.500 mm strokes

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