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Stainless steel has been used for years as a viable replacement or substitute to copper
when it comes to building or crafting products that need to be rust proof or better known as weather proof. However in some industrial applications meant for fuel reserves and processing it was proven that stainless steel has better thermal resistance than that of the copper. This is the reason why most manufacturing plants have switched to stainless tubings and for that to maintain stability of prolonging a tubing system, stainless steel fittings are also needed. A tubing system can sometimes be a complex design that needs controllers and directors to be able to work properly. A lot of tubing systems are used to control fluid and or air flow and both have specific volume and pressure requirements so to make sure that operation will be smooth, accurate and efficient.

There are different types of stainless steel tube or hose fittings such as crimp fittings, adapters,instrumentation tube fittings, hose barbs, push-ons,flange adapters, valves and other accessories are available.

Different manufacturers produce multiple types of stainless steel hose fittings depending on stainless steel grades. Since stainless steel is a very versatile type of metal it is being used in a lot of products not just hose fittings but for cooking utensils and other kitchen fabrications, home improvements such as fences and railings. Hose fittings and tubings though require a certain grade depending on application of how much thermal resistance is required to be able for the products maintain stability.

It is important to always consider the use and purpose of fittings to be able to find a quality stainless steel fitting and only trusted suppliers and manufacturers that are listed in The Green Book Directory and all other classifications can satisfy this. Visit the website for more information on all other companies dealing with industrial, commercial and consumer products for your faster sourcing needs.

Basic Listings

Afloat Marine & Services Pte Ltd

5 Soon Lee St #01-37 Pioneer Point S(627607)

Afloat Marine & Services Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that provides services in Marine Sector including offshore industries. ...

First Hydraulic & Industrial Pte Ltd

62 Tech Pk Cres Tuas Techpark S(638079)

Since 1982, First Hydraulic & Industrial started out as a modest venture that has rapidly expanded to build up a reputation for itself in ...

Flexcraft Pte Ltd

Blk 1001 Tai Seng Ave #01-2528 S(534420)

Flexcraft Pte Ltd is an Asia located engineering company specializing in the fabrication of metal expansion joints and fully assembled ...

Fluid-Tec Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

5 Kian Teck Way S(628733)

Fluid-Tec Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd was established in 1986 to provide on-site Hydraulic Hose Replacement Service. Since establishment, ...

Gates Engineering & Services Pte Ltd

40 Gul Circle S(629575)

As part of the Gates Engineering & Services group, Gates Engineering & Services has built its reputation as the leading stockist ...

Neumart Distribution Pte Ltd

50 Tuas Ave 11 #01-32 Tuas Lot S(639107)

Neumart Distribution Pte Ltd is part of the growing business of Neumart Technology Pte Ltd which was established in the year 1997. Our ...

Pasisan Flexible Hoses Pte Ltd

2 Kallang Pudding Rd #01-01 Mactech Ind Bldg S(349307)

Pasisan Flexible Hoses Pte Ltd is a Stockist/Distributor of composite Stainless Steel, Teflon, Rubber, Ducting, Thermo Plastic, Hydraulic, ...

Sunway Marketing (S) Pte Ltd

19 Senoko Sth Rd S(758078)

CompanyProfile Sunway Marketing is the trading/distribution and manufacturing arm of Sunway Group, a well-diversified conglomerate with ...