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Heavy Duty Industrial Air-Operated Vacuum Cleaner

Heavy Duty Industrial Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner can be availed at Atos Performance Pte Ltd.

We offer the 705 Minuteman Vacuum Series that utilizes compressed air and the venturi principle to form a vacuum of extremely high static and high flow lift. The vacuum cleaners included in this series are capable of moving or lifting an extensive range of solid or liquid materials. There are large range of tank sizes, venture, hose, filter arrangements, and hose tools, sizes, and attachments available for wet/dry pick up.

Applications: • Oil refineries
• Foundry Sand
• Steel mills
• Steel Scale
• Cereal manufacturing plants
• Aluminum Chip
• Machine shops
• Steel Chip
• Automotive
• Sand and Gravel
• Power stations
• Sump Cleaning
• Engine manufacturing
• Airports
• Rail-transit repair shops
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Ship building
• Welding Shops
Key Specifications/Special Features: • No switches, motors and moving parts to replace
• Silenced down to low 80dBa
• Stainless steel or electrostatically applied painted tanks available
• Suitable for areas where standard voltage is not obtainable
• Capable of moving or lifting various liquid or solid materials
• Wide range of available toolkits for commercial and industrial use
• 180″ of waterlift on every air vacuum model
• High CFM ranging from 166cfm (4 gal) to 728 cfm (55 gal with quad jets)
• Can fill a 55 gallon barrel with liquid in less than 35 seconds

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