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The Green Book Directory collects and lists down heat exchanger repair service providers and specialists in Singapore. The list includes a number of repair specialists that are seasoned and experts in providing maintenance and spare parts for heat exchangers used in small and large scale plants.

A heat exchanger has heat transfer aspects such as a core or matrix that contains heat transfer surface, and fluid circulation elements such as headers, tanks, manifolds, seals, inlet and outlet pipes or nozzles. The heat transfer surface area is a surface area of the exchanger core that is in direct contact with liquids and through which heat is moved by conduction. That section of the surface that is in direct contact with both the hot and cold fluids and transfers heat in between them is referred to as the primary or direct surface area. To increase the heat transfer area, appendages may be totally linked to the primary surface to supply an extended, secondary, or indirect surface area. These extended surface elements are common known as fins. Hence, heat is performed through the fin and radiated or convected from the fin to the surrounding fluid, or vice versa, depending upon whether the fin is being cooled or warmed. As a result, the addition of fins to the main surface area minimizes the thermal resistance on that side and thus enhances the overall heat transfer from the surface for the exact same temperature difference. Fins could form circulation passages for the individual liquids however do not separate the two or even more liquids of the exchanger. These fins may also be presented mainly for structural strength purposes or to provide thorough blending of a highly viscous liquid.

Different heat exchangers are used in many types of industries. The purpose and type of an exchanger is categorized as to what industry, scale or how wide an area is and the type of environment to achieve its full efficiency. There are double pipe, shell and tube, shell and plate heat exchangers and many more available in the market today and each and every type needs specific maintenance and certain parts only experts in this field could provide to achieve longevity in the process.

Let The Green Book help you in quickly sourcing the specific type of service provider you need for your heat exchangers. You may always visit the website for other sourcing needs with its wide database of industrial, commercial and consumer products.

Basic Listings

PNR Engineering Systems Pte Ltd

35 Tannery Rd #11-10 Ruby Ind Complex S(347740)

PNR Engineering Systems Pte Ltd was established in the year 1988 with an objective to serve to the different safety needs of Oil & Gas ...

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd

57 Senang Cres S(416624)

Incorporated in the year 1994, Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd is currently a leading manufacturer of Industrial Water Chiller, Air ...

Ad-Meth Mech-Field Pte Ltd

38 Gul Circle S(629573)

Ad-Meth Mech-Field Pte Ltd was established in 1991 to provide the local petro-chemical & process industry in Singapore with specialized ...

AMS Marine Pte Ltd

42A Penjuru Rd #06-00 S(609164)

The AMS Group of companies is a leading Marine, Oil & Gas Services company offering a full suite of engineering services encompassing ...

Cool D'fine Pte Ltd

37E Benoi Rd Pioneer Lot S(627798)

We are a company incorporated on the 11th. March, 1998 with a place of business at 37E Benoi Road, Pioneer Lot, Singapore 627798 with ...

Dhana Engineering Pte Ltd

1 Soon Lee St #02-11 Pioneer Centre S(627605)

Dhana Engineering Pte Ltd specialised in Marine, Industrial Air-conditioning, Refrigeration Repair/Service:We offer: - Design, Sales, ...

DMGI Pte Ltd

Blk 535 Hougang St 52 #09-12 S(530535)

DMGI PTE. LTD. specializes in Project Brokering, Trading of Major Refrigeration Equipment, Sales of Quality Spare Parts ...

Heat Exchangers Specialist (S) Pte Ltd

17 jln Besut S(619570)

Heat Exchangers Specialist (S) Pte. Ltd. (HES) was incorporated in 2006 by a group of experience heat exchangers technical specialist and ...

Hisakaworks Singapore Pte Ltd

18 Boon Lay Way #02-118 TradeHub 21 S(609966)

On April 2009, Hisakaworks Singapore Pte Ltd was incorporated. Our company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hisakaworks Ltd Japan which was ...

Kemtow Marine Services Pte Ltd

30 Toh Guan Rd #08-10 ODC Districentre S(608840)