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SS International Engineering offers this excellently designed and high performance Hand Knobs. These Hand Knobs features superior reliability when implemented into different materials. The state-of-the art manufacturing of these knobs gives greater convenience for every user.

SS International Engineering supplies a wide array of products and services for the household, commercial, and industrial sectors. We are able to offer cost effective methods of fastening to ensure that manufacturing cost will be reduced. All products are guaranteed tough and strong even when used in harsh and awkward conditions.
Key Specifications/Special Features: • Provides strong grip and secure control of various materials
• Fully functional and high performance
• Offers greater efficiency when used in numerous applications
• Cost effective with long service life
• Economical with less maintenance required
• Flawlessly designed with better ergonomics
• Manufactured from high quality materials ensuring superior functionality in numerous operations
• Hand Knob female and Wing head knob female available
• Suited for different applications for the industrial, household and commercial sectors.

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