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HANBIT - Blind & Speed Rivet

A wide selection of HANBIT – Blind & Speed Rivet is now offered at VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd. Made from top grade and standardized materials, these mechanical fasteners feature optimum strength, flexibility and durability overtime. These are widely used in varying industrial fields such as construction, domestic appliances, automobiles, computer chassis assemblies and many more.

We bring you Blind Rivets which are tubular in shape and are supplied with a mandrel through the center. These are mainly used when access to the joint is available from only one side of a part or structure. The blind rivet’s one-sided fastening method sharply reduces man-hours and assembly lines as well as rationalization such as labor savings, cost reduction and higher production speeds. Aside from blind rivets, we also have speed rivets which are specifically designed to increase productivity. These are constant, easy to use and offer repeatable clamping. These rapid and cost effective rivets are ideal for fastening varieties of materials with range of thicknesses. Some of these materials are plastics, metals, fibre glass, electronic components, composites, etc.

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