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Governors are popularly known as speed limiters. The first one developed is the classic fly-ball governor also known as centrifugal governor which uses weights mounted on arms and determines the speed of a spinning shaft. This serves as the sensor and activates a feature called proportional control to help regulate the speed of the shaft.

The most common use of governor is to act as a speed limiter in cars, trucks, mopeds and public service vehicles. There is a general rule of manufacturing vehicles for all companies that produce different models of vehicles especially those that build high powered engines such as BMW, McLaren, Mercedez-Benz, Volvo and Jaquars. Usually, a limit of only 250 kmph or 155 mph as the highest. For motorcycles the initial limit is only 30kph to maximum of 120kph. For public utility vehicles and trucks since the safety of the public is put to priority limit varies from 65kph to a maximum of 100kph depending on each country’s regulations.

Other common uses of the mechanical governors are the following:

For small engines used in lawn mowers, tractors and portable or mini generators which require a very limited engine power for what mostly called “safe speed”. These engines use different kinds such as pneumatic governors, which detect air-flow, centrifugal governors which were explained earlier only these are smaller, and lastly are electronic governors that counts electrical pulses produced by the ignition system on engines.

Turbine controls used to detect and control the flow rate to maintain constant speed rotation.
Aircrafts use governors for their propellers to sense shaft RPM to be able to adjust blades’ angles to vary torque loads on the engine.

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