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GEMINI Welding Electrodes

Make your welding activity faster and easier. Use these GEMINI Welding Electrodes offered by ETL Enterprise Pte Ltd. With our GEMINI Welding Electrodes, you will be confident with the quality of your welds. This kind of welding product suitable for various welding needs can be used in any kind of mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron welding and high tensile steel pipe.

Featuring its superior mechanical properties and high resistance to cracks, these electrodes are available in different types and sizes, and satisfied many users worldwide. These are easy to operate with various welding positions that can perform such as horizontal, vertical, flat and overhead. These can produce excellent weld bead appearance as well.

In addition, our stick electrodes also have exceptional reliability which provided great contributions to wide range of general fabrication application for workshop and site conditions as well as oil and gas pipelines and other piping jobs under freezing conditions.

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