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Gears are also known as cogwheels which are a rotation machine used to transmit torque. They can be meshed, cogged or teethed. These machine components are known to transfer power and motion through a developed arrangement of teeth. These gears typically work in pair. The word “gear” is used for the larger component while “pinion” is for the smaller element.

The following is a list of major gears commonly used for various applications.
• Crossed Helical Gears are cylindrical helical gears with axes that do not intersect.
• Parallel Helical Gears have helices that can either be right-handed or left-handed. They have cylindrical pitch solids and parallel axes.
• Straight Bevel Gears have intersecting axes with a 90° shaft angle.
• Worm and Worm-wheels have non-intersecting axes since they are made at a right angle. They can either be a double-enveloping type or single-enveloping type.
• Hypoid Gears have two axes that are in a right angle position. The blanks used to create them are called hyperboloids.
• Spiral Bevel Gears have curved tooth elements to have a smooth contact as the teeth inter-meshes from one to another.
• Herringbone Gears or Double-helical Gears have two helical gears that are made on a similar black to create a unit.

Gear cutting service provides gears to those in need through various machining processes such as milling, grinding, broaching and hobbing. Extruding, forging and investment and sand casting are some of the processes that are done either before or after cutting procedures. There are times when cutting is forgone by using either injection molding or die casting. The gear output can be made from plastic, wood and metal.

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Basic Listings

Atran Transmission Pte Ltd

194 Pandan Loop #01-15 Pantech Business Hub S(128383)

Elecon Singapore Pte Ltd

10 Anson Rd #24-03 International Plaza S(079903)


315 Outram Rd #10-02 Tan Boon Liat Bldg S(169074)

Gudel Pte Ltd incorporated in Singapore in the early 2010, is the subsidiary company of Gudel AG Switzerland. Established in 1954 in ...

Hakuruma Technology Pte Ltd

48 Toh Guan Rd East #05-101 Enterprise Hub S(608586)

Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd

1 Ubi View #01-03 Focus One S(408555)

Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd was established in 1990, wherein it has already become one of the leading providers of automation devices ...

Hinode Industrial Trading Pte Ltd

Blk 1033 Eunos Ave 5A #01-09 S(409703)

Hinode Industrial Trading Pte Ltd is a direct import & export company which provides quality and specialized automation solutions in ...

Kyouiku Gear Manufacturing Co Ltd

Blk 808 French Rd #07-163 Kitchener Complex S(200808)

Lanyu Engineering Pte Ltd

1 Joo Koon Cres #01-12 S(629027)

Lanyu Engineering Pte Ltd started in the year 1997 with only 3 machines operating along the Old Bukit Timah Road and after a few years, our ...