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GE Desal RO Membranes

Mainly designed for water treatment applications, GE Desal Membranes are now provided at Park Tank Asia Pte Ltd. These membrane elements are used for placing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration in RO systems.

Park Tank Asia Pte Ltd brings you GE Desal RO Membranes that are available in different categories. Some of these are AD-Sea Water Membranes, AE - High Rejection High Flow Seawater RO Elements, AE - High Rejection Low Energy Seawater RO Elements, AG - Brackish water membranes and many more.

The AD-HR series membrane elements from our range of products feature high-pressure construction, characterizing very good sodium chloride rejection. These are selected when high quality permeate is required from seawater that is relatively high in TDS. In addition, these provide excellent rejection characteristic when operated at seawater operating conditions.

GE Desal water treatment membranes are suitable in wide range of applications including dairy industry, high purity water and at high temperature and manufacturing companies. These membranes are designed to meet the customers’ needs in each unique situation.

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