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GDS Redline Plus XDI-Win-F1 Hydrocarbon Hazardous Area Fixed Gas Detector Image

GDS Redline Plus XDI-Win-F1 Hydrocarbon Hazardous Area Fixed Gas Detector

The Red Line sensor uses proven non-dispersive single beam dual-wave length infrared principles to detect and monitor the presence of gases. This non-poisoning sensing technique relies on the target gas having a unique well-defined absorption signature. This is used to identify the presence of the target gas and is highly specific. Using a suitable infrared source, an analysis of the optical absorption through the gas allows the concentration of the target gas to be determined. All sensor driving is internal to the transmitter and full fault monitoring of the sensor and transmitter is continuous.

Key Specifications/Special Features: GENERAL DATA
This information relates to the device operating continuously.

Hydrocarbon Sensor
Operation – continuous diffusion NDIR (duel wave-length)
Measuring Range – Standard 0~100% LEL 0~100% Vol
Others available
Accuracy ± 5% F.S.D
Warm up time to zero < 20 seconds
Response time to target gas T90 < 35 seconds
Long term zero drift ± 5% F.S.D
The 4~20mA output provides a fault indication by reducing the output to below 2mA,
with the recovery from fault condition being automatic.
Input voltage – 3 wire device
18 to 35V DC – 24v DC nominal
(polarity protected)
Output - 4~20mA (selectable as sink or source)
Fail signal - 4~20mA reduced to 2mA
Maximum current consumption - 130mA
Maximum loop resistance in source mode - 250R
0.15% of span
Output resolution
Maximum offset drift - ± 20uA
Relays Optional - Low / high / fault alarms S.P.C.O. 0.5A @30v DC
Explosion proof ATEX-IECEX
II2G Exd IIC T6-T3 Gb
II2D Extb IIIC T85°C Db
Replaceable plug in sensor - In-situe
Sensor accessory mounting thread - 33mm ø 1.25 pitch – 6 full threads
Enclosure –Type XDI - Aluminium alloy - optional stainless steel
Gas Sensor – Type F1 - Stainless steel – 316 S16
Weight - 3.95Kg
Cable Entry
One – 20 mm 1.5 pitch
Options 25 mm – 3/4 NPT
Mounting Detail - Two M5 (126 mm CRS)
Approximate dimensions-terminal enclosure
126 mm dia. 83 mm deep
Environmental Data
IP64 + Water Shield IP65
Operating Conditions
0 ~100% RH (non-condensing)
-15 ~ +55ºC
Storage Conditions
0~99% RH non-condensing
-20 ~ +60ºC
Collector Cone + universal fitting
Universal Fitting (Test Gas Applicator Spray Deflector)
Flow Block - nylatron
Flow Block - stainless steel
Water Shield - stainless steel
Duct Mount Kit
Detector head Weather Shield
F1 sensor Thermal Jacket

All Gas types Available
• Rugged and reliable
• Explosion proof
• 3 alarm points
• Automatic diagnostic system surveillance and fault monitoring
• Harsh environmental use
• Engineered for ease of maintenance and reduced running costs
• Optional 2 alarm relays plus fault relay or 3 alarm relays
• Non intrusive adjustment magnets
• Back lit alpha numeric full status display
Model Number: XDI-Win-F1

Explosion proof ATEX-IECEX II2G Exd IIC T6-T3 Gb II2D Extb IIIC T85˚C Db

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