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Gas Detectors

The best listing for Gas Detectors is here at The Green Book Directory. Our wide range of database will connect you to its related industry and associated information. We could help you find related products such as carbon monoxide (CO), leak gas detectors and other related classifications. A broad list of gas detector manufacturers, dealers, supplier, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and services can be found here to meet your purchasing needs.

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RAE Systems ToxiRAE 3 Full-featured, single-gas monitor for CO and H2S

This portable single-gas monitor is designed to keep workers safe against the threat of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The ToxiRAE 3’s high-performance, three-electrode sensor delivers the fastest possible response time.

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Blk 20 Woodlands Link #03-30 S(738733)

CitiSafe Pte Ltd

Since 2007 CitiSafe Pte Ltd has offered services and solutions in regards to Industrial and Environmental safety and hygiene including gas detection, sound level meters, and calibration gases and services for all makes of portable and fixed gas ...

Micro IV Single Gas Detector

Lightweight (2-4 ounces), up to six months of battery life from a single off the shelf AA alkaline battery and a heavy duty alligator clip that allows the detector to be conveniently clipped on to clothing and it has so much capability packed into

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33 Ubi Ave 3 #06-21B Vertex Bldg, Tower B S(408868)

GFG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

GFG is a world leader for gas detection and measurement technology. For over 45 years GFG has specialized in designing, developing and producing the safest and most reliable equipment and sensors available.GFG offers an extensive range of portable ...

Portable Gas Detector

Ray Scientific Pte. Ltd. is proud to be the authorised distributor for RAE Systems, Inc., products since year 1999.RAE Systems. Inc is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas and radiation detection systems that

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190 Woodlands Ind Pk E5 #06-05 Woodlands Bizhub S(757516)

Ray Scientific Pte Ltd

Company Profile Founded in 1999, Ray Scientific Pte. Ltd. started to supply quality scientific and environmental instrumentation for research, process, safety and environmental instrumentation.We carry and provide after-sales support for a good ...

Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems - Enclosed spaces in home kitchens (Citigas Regulations) - Notification for low oxygen / high CO2 environments in laboratory, plants, and warehouses - Safety cut-off for flammable and hazardous areas - Centralised alarming

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51 Bt Batok Cres #03-26/27 Unity Centre S(658077)

Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation Pte Ltd

Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation Pte Ltd (SII) was established in 1975 and has long been since operational. SII specializes in control instrumentation and industrial chambers and ovens. The company has an overall staff strength of 17 in ...

Gas Detection & Calibration Gas – Gas Detection Control Panels, Monitoring Systems, Fixed Gas Detectors, Portable Gas Detectors, Radiation Detectors

Atlas Technologies Corporation offers an extensive and reliable range of Gas Detection Equipment to choose from. Our flexible range of solutions to cater to all needs include Control Panels, Fixed Detectors, Sampling Systems and Portable Gas

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55 Serangoon Nth Ave 4 #01-21 S9 S(555859)

Atlas Technologies Corporation Pte Ltd

Based in Singapore, Atlas Technologies Corporation Pte Ltd was founded on a fundamental passion to provide and service the industry with genuine, reliable and quality products. We operate within industry standards and comply with legislations and ...

CO2 System

High pressure Systems The carbon dioxide extinguishing system is most commonly used fixed system to extinguish fire by smothering action. It is a most effective system for protection for machinery spaces, pump rooms, electrical rooms, paint

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190 Woodlands Ind Pk E5 #02-01 Woodlands Bizhub S(757516)

Maretek Singapore Pte Ltd

Specialized in engineering design and supply of a full line of engineered and pre-engineered safety systems such as Fire Detection Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Life Saving Apparatus / Systems, Environmental Safety ...

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Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd

50 Bt Batok St 23 #05-10/11/12/13/14 Midview Bldg S(659578)

Lee Hung Scientifc Pte Ltd (LHS) (AA Scientific Instrumentation) was founded in 1983 as a supplier and distributor of scientific and ...

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Metta (LPG) Pte Ltd

2C Jln Pesawat S(619359)

METTA (LPG) and ELPIJI SINGAPORE are integrated engineering, management and marketing services companies with more than 30 years’ ...

Overseas Technology Center Pte Ltd

1 Ubi Cres #06-07 Number One Bldg S(408563)

#IT#• Cisco • Nokia Alcatel-Lucent • Avaya • Dell • Hewlett Packard Enterprise • Juniper • Nortel. . ...

PNR Engineering Systems Pte Ltd

35 Tannery Rd #11-10 Ruby Ind Complex S(347740)

PNR Engineering Systems Pte Ltd was established in the year 1988 with an objective to serve to the different safety needs of Oil & Gas ...

QMT Industrial & Safety Pte Ltd

36 Toh Guan Rd East #01-40 Enterprise Hub S(608580)

QMT Industrial & Safety Pte Ltd was established in 1991. Specializing in the supply and distribution of a comprehensive range of ...

Tetra Fire Engineering Pte Ltd

10 Ubi Cres #05-04 Ubi Techpark Lobby A S(408564)

Founded in 1994, TETRA Fire Engineering has been faithfully serving the marine and fire protection industry for many years. Since our ...

BMJ Worldwide Pte Ltd

10 Admiralty St #05-45 North Link Bldg S(757695)

BMJ Worldwide has been providing One-Stop Solutions, Engineering Services and the distribution of Engineering, Safety Products and General ...

Absolute Instrument Systems Pte Ltd

11 Kallang Pl #06-02/03 S(339155)

Absolute Instrument Systems (Pte.) Ltd. – AIS - is one of the leading companies in Environmental noise and vibration monitoring ...

Gas detector is used to determine any presence of toxic, flammable and combustible gases. It also helps in detecting oxygen depletion and firefighting. This device is typically utilized by waste water treatment facilities, industrial plants and refineries. The installation of the device provides precautionary measures on the safety and welfare of those in the area. People can quickly evacuate the affected vicinity to avoid accidents.

The device is available in two forms: portable detector which is employed to determine the surrounding atmosphere on worn clothing while fixed type are installed on processing rooms in plants and factories. Both forms of detectors are calibrated regularly to ensure that they are working in perfect condition. Portable detectors require frequent calibration since they are exposed to different changes in an environment while fixed detectors only need to be calibrated once or twice a year.

Types of Detectors

• Semiconductors are used on smaller areas since they work when gas is in their direct path, causing chemical reaction to occur which signals these devices the presence of gases.
• Electrochemical gas detectors are employed at gas storage facilities, refineries and chemical plants. Their detection process starts by letting gases to disperse as it pass through a permeable membrane to an electrode wherein it is either reduced or chemically oxidized.
• Infrared (IR) Point sensors can detect gases by remote sensing. It can sense infrared active gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and water vapor.
• Infrared Imaging sensors are available in both passive and active systems. Passive IR imaging sensors uses spectral changes on an image to determine spectral signatures of present gases.
• Ultrasonic?

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