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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd offers an international level of competitive design Gantry Crane, from a fixed option to an adjustable height steel Gantry Cranes requirement. Truly, we move and lift your materials anywhere in your facility with guaranteed care and absolute peace of mind through the most economical with high-standard of services that we offer.

We offer crane built on top of a gantry that serves as a structure used to straddle an object. Gantry Crane is often interchangeably referred to overhead crane as both straddle their workload, the distinction lies on the fact that the gantry crane, including the whole gantry is wheeled on rails while an overhead crane’s supporting structure is fixed in location, which is often in the form of a walls or ceilings.

Our line of gantry cranes are unsurpassed in terms of design strengths, functionality, durability, quality and after sale services, we can not wait to help you unburden your loads.

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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd takes pride on serving the market with professional high-quality custom-engineered industrial lifting solutions for...