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OBO BETTERMANN South East Asia Pte. Ltd. offers high quality and trustworthy service which is its Function Maintenance | OBO BETTERMANN

Our Function Maintenance Systems | OBO BETTERMANN provides an effective fire protection and function maintenance products for Buildings, Public Buildings, Infrastructure and Vessels.

What is electrical function maintenance?

Special cables and routing systems make it possible to maintain the support
of an electrical current in the case of fire, thus guaranteeing function
maintenance. However, there are many misunderstandings here, which
can be caused by different abbreviations. The following incorrect terms
are often connected with function maintenance:

• FE180
• Non-combustible cables
• Fireproof
• Fireproof installation
• Insulation maintenance
• No smoke creation

In particular, the abbreviation "FE180" continually causes confusion.
Although you might think otherwise, it does not stand for "Function maintenance
for 180 minutes" but for "Flame impact time". The "flame impact
time" is a testing criterion according to DIN VDE 0472-814 [13] and IEC
60331-11, -12 and -13 [14]. In this test, cable samples are subjected to
direct flaming at a constant temperature of 750 °C for a period of 90 minutes
(IEC) or 180 minutes (VDE). During this time, none of the fuses
monitoring the individual wires may drop. This test of "insulation maintenance"
may not, under any circumstances, be confused with the test of
the electrical function maintenance of cable systems.

Where is function maintenance required?

Technical equipment with function maintenance is required for the following
buildings and systems:
• Hospitals
• Hotels and restaurants
• Tower blocks
• Meeting points
• Commercial buildings
• Closed large garages
• Underground railway systems
• Chemicals industry
• Power stations
• Tunnels
This could be because these constructions are regularly frequented by
many people. This creates an increased safety risk for gatherings of people.
However, with certain systems, property and the environment must
also be protected.

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