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FRP Ducting & Piping

LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd manufactures the finest Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Ducts & Pipes according to established international standards.

Our FRP Ductings & Pipings are ideal for new system installation or replacement of existing ones and will satisfy the applications and requirements of your plant or facility.
Because LT Air Engineering Pte Ltd understands the industries we serve, our products are designed to meet the most demanding and specialised conditions at each site. In standard pipes, custom pipes, special header systems, ducts or stacks, we deliver long-term corrosion-resistant solutions and absolute maximum product life.
Special Features:
• Corrosion Resistance – Long term resistance to the effects of wide range of chemicals
• Weather Resistance – Long term resistance to the effects of sunlight and other weather elements
• Durability – Superior toughness
• Light Weight – Lighter than other materials such as steel
• Color – Wide range of colour selection
• Resin – Manufactured with premium materials
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