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Recently industry professionals have seen a rise in the demand for frequency converter or frequency charger. The factor is quite obvious, industries all over the world need energy conserving devices in a range of industrial applications and frequency converters are of immense assistance in resolving the issue to a great level. The marketplace for frequency converter is expected to enhance by 4 fold its existing size in a number of years, with reputed suppliers such as Siemens, Groupe Schneider keeping a major location in the market.

Frequency converter refers to an electronic device that converts Air Conditioning of one frequency to A/C of another frequency. They can also change the voltage, but if it does, that is secondary to its primary purpose. Conventionally a frequency changer is made out of electromechanical elements like motor-generator sets or rotary converters. With the introduction of solid state electronics, you can build completely electronic frequency changers. A frequency converter generally consists of a rectifier stage (producing direct current) which is then reversed to produce Air Conditioner of the preferred frequency.

If there is a requirement for voltage conversion, a transformer is generally included in either the a/c input or output circuitry and this transformer frequently offers galvanic seclusion in between the input and output ac circuits. You can likewise add a battery to the dc circuitry to enhance the converter's ride-through short failures in the input power. Frequency changers vary in power-handling capacity from a couple of watts to megawatts.

A frequency changer is widely utilized for export screening, operating equipment manufactured in a foreign country and avionic applications. They are also used in manufacturing industries and lab where greater frequencies are needed for special testing.

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