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Also known as a movement joint, expansion joints allow an assembly to expand or contract when exposed to heat, absorb any forms of vibrations as well as allow movement which may occur in pavements due to ground settlements or earthquakes. Expansion joints are present in several applications all over the world, from pavements and railway tracks to roads, buildings and several other structures. The purpose for these joints is to allow the structure that they are being applied to, to safely expand or absorb any other movements without breaking or deforming under the pressure. The primary function of expansion joints is to allow heat-induced expansion and contraction that occurs in structure in the various states of weather. The joint can be a simple caulk filled area that would allow space it to expand when exposed to heat or some type of interlocking metal device which allows the teeth that are present in the joint to move accordingly in response to the changes in the weather. The location of these joints is placed strategically in a construction at regular intervals, allowing room for expansion without weakening the overall structure. The most common structures affected by heat expansion which are present in everyday life are sidewalks, bridges and piping systems amongst several other structures. If these structures were to crack under the stress induced due to heat expansion, it could affect daily routines for many people. Thus, it is important to have the expansion joints to allow these constructions to expand when there is a need. In the case of railway tracks, if expansion joints are not used, railway tracks that are exposed to direct sunlight would expand in the presence of heat and without an expansion joint will crack or deform. This can be very dangerous as, if a train is operating on that track, it could derail when it passes the deformed point along the track. This implies the importance of the expansion joints in the track, as the joint would allow the track to expand without breaking or deforming. This would also save the railway’s resources. In piping systems, the role of expansion joints is also similar as the joint would allow for the proper function of the piping system. Sidewalks and pavements are also routinely fitted with expansion joints which provide the structure with room to expand when exposed to heat. Many roads in deserted unoccupied areas would have bulges popping out from them, with cracks on top. This is the result of expansion in the road in the absence of expansion joints. Control joints are different as compared to expansion joints as they allow cracking in a road or bridge to occur in a controlled fashion. These joints are cut in the concrete or asphalt on roads at regular intervals and these joints can be sealed with hot tar or cold sealant. Expansion Joints Accessories Liners can be used inside expansion joints to protect metallic bellows from erosion or reduce the turbulence across the bellows. Liners can only be used together with purge connectors. The joints can also have external covers that protect the internal bellows from damage. These covers can also provide insulation to the bellows, while either being a permanent or temporary accessory. Limit rods, as their name would suggest, are used in expansion joints to limit the axial compression or expansion in expansion joints. These devices allow the expansion joint to move over a range and stop according to where the nit stops are placed along the rods. The purpose of these accessories is to prevent the expansion joint from over expanding. Expansion joints can be installed manually following the right procedures that a manufacturer would have provided in an expansion joint accessory.

Expansion Joints

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Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint is used by professionals in industries such as plant engineers, consulting engineers, pressure vessel designers and mechanical contractors. Expansion Joint is installed for the purpose of protecting piping from expansion and

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74 Tuas Ave 11 S(639093)

Keyser Technologies Pte Ltd

Keyser Technologies Pte Ltd is a diversified company where our main activity is to supply Expansion Joints in Metal, Rubber and Fabric types. We also provide a wide range of services, such as fabrication work and trading services. On Quality ...

Yasiki Pump Protector Valves

Single / Double Sphere Rubber Bellow / Expansion Joint / Flexible Hoses, Y-Strainer, Simplex / Duplex Bucket Strainer, Balancing Valve, Check

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48 toh guan rd east #05-141 enterprise hub S(608586)

Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd

Leesonmech Singapore Pte Ltd is one of the largest stockist for distribution of valves, pumps, instrumentation, control and safety products with our regional presence in Singapore, Malaysia (East & West), The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, ...

Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints are specially engineered products inserted in a rigid piping system to absorb movement, improve thermal stability, relieve system strain due to thermal change, etc.

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2 Woodlands Sector 1 #03-14 Woodlands Spectrum 1 S(738068)

Garlock Singapore Pte Ltd

For more than a century, Garlock has been helping customers efficiently seal the toughest process fluids in the most demanding applications. That leadership continues today, as 1,887 Garlock employees at 15 facilities in 8 countries provide ...

Expansion Joints

Hui Wang Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd deals in manufacturing of wide variety of Expansion Joints. We cater Expansion Joints according to your

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Blk 82 Geylang Bahru #01-2584 S(339690)

Hui Wang Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

Hui Wang Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd was established in 27 February 1999. The company deals in manufacturing a wide variety of metal hoses, expansion joints and services, besides that, they also deal with trading of pneumatic and hydraulic ...

STENFLEX Expansion Joints

STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints impress with their compensating and damping material properties. Excessive force, arising within the pipeline, is deflected by STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints before this can be passed on to adjacent

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21 Toh Guan Rd East #09-02 Toh Guan Centre S(608609)

Emmbee Pacific Pte Ltd

Emmbee Pacific Pte Ltd was originally established in 1973 as a joint venture of two German trading houses in Singapore. Following the tradition, Emmbee continues to represent leading German manufacturers: JD NEUHAUS was established 1745 in ...

AFA Flex Rubber Expansion Joints

AFA Flex rubber expansion joint is a flexible joint that’s specifically engineered to lessen vibration, noise and movement in piping system; we offer this high quality AFA flex rubber expansion that can empower the separated supplies to move

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8 FAN YOONG RD S(629786)

Sintalow Hardware Pte Ltd

Sintalow Hardware Pte Ltd is a business that supplies different types of valves, pipes and expansion joints for the construction industries and mechanical pipe systems for more than 30 years now. We started our business since 1979 and we established ...

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TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd

51 Benoi Rd Blk 3, #02-00 S(629908)

TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd began in 21 Feb 1974 as Teck Beng Hardware (Pte) Ltd, a supplier of general hardware such as wire ...

Athical Engineering Pte Ltd

20 Gul Cres S(629529)

Sole Representative & Stockist for the following products copper alloy material (copper nickle pipes, fittings, flanges, plates & ...

David Phee Enterprise

30 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #05-08 Empire Technocentre S(417819)

We specialise in pipe joint & pipe repair clamps. They provide a safe, easy & permanent repair for leaks and breaks in steel or ...

Seng Choon Engineering Pte Ltd

32 Cavan Rd S(209858)

Seng Choon Engineering specializes in piping system material fabrication, manufacturing, importing & exporting of products ranging from ...

Manuli Fluiconnecto Pte Ltd

53 Gul Dr S(629497)

Manuli Fluiconnecto Pte Ltd is a leading international distribution organization, serving end-users in all sectors with a complete range of ...

Expansion joints are usually seen on concrete slabs, bridges, pipelines, railway tracks, sidewalks and buildings. They can also be attached on decks, roofs, walls and floors to provide them with mechanical and engineering support. These installation products are focused on relieving a structure of stress by absorbing heat-induced expansion that can cause for construction equipment to contract. Their job also includes the absorption of vibration. They also help when earthquakes occur, giving a constructed material the ability to move or be flexible as the surrounding ground shift. Due to this inherent capability, they are highly used to earthquake-proof structures and establishments.

They work by closing down when an establishment heats up. This act results for the expansion joint to compress while it expands or the joint gaps open when the temperature cools down. Good joints are featured with quality movement in terms of angular and axial when used; maximum working pressure during operations; and fittings that are joints at a bellow's end sections such as floating and fixed flanges.

There are three types of expansion joint bellows that are either single or double such as guide rod types, reinforced types and free type. Other types of bellows include straight pipe pressure balanced type, universal type, bent pipe pressure balanced piped, hinge type and gimbal type.

To determine the right type of expansion joint to use the following things are to be considered: highest temperature, kind of movement, pipe size or line, maximum working pressure, type of end fittings, kind of substance, rate of substance flow and service conditions.

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