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Electronic Components

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Electronic components are components which are able to control or switch voltages or currents without mechanical or other non-electrical command; examples include electron tubes, transistors, and other solid-state devices. Electronic components have two or more electrical terminals usually soldered to a printed circuit board, to create an electronic circuit.

Electronic components are part of an electronic system which affects the connected areas through electrons. These tools are available in singular form and are likely to be industrial products. They are designed with two or more leads or electrical terminals which can either be negative or positive. The electrical terminals are connected to a circuit board to create a circuit with a specific task.

Based on circuit analysis, electronic components are classified into three:

Electromechanical component is able to accomplish electrical operations with the use of electrical connections.
o Switches are used to break the flow of current by opening and closing them.
o Protection devices are used to protect the circuits from receiving an over supply of voltages and currents.
• Active component depends on an energy source such as a DC circuit for it to work. Tunnel diodes and transistors are examples of actives components.
o Power Sources include fuel cells, electrical generator, power supply, battery and photo voltaic.
o Semiconductor is an object that permits heat and electricity to pass and move through it. Integrated circuits, diodes and transistors are examples of semiconductors.
• Passive component is connected to an AC circuit which does not depend on an energy source. This component can only increase the amount of current or voltage that flows through the system.
o Capacitors are able to keep and discharge an electrical charge. They are mainly used to tune circuits and filter power supply.
o Resistors have electrical resistance properties. It works in lowering the voltage level and current flow of a circuit system.

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Basic Listings

Automation & Computer Engineering Pte Ltd

51 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-01/04 S(139948)

Automation & Computer Engineering Pte Ltd (ACE) was established in 1982 to provide technical solutions and system integration for the ...

AAC Technologies Pte Ltd

10 Ang Mo Kio St 65 #01-08 Techpoint S(569059)

Accent Asiatech Pte Ltd

63 Hillview Ave #10-04 Lam Soon Ind Bldg S(669569)

Accent Enterprise

63 Hillview Ave #10-04 Lam Soon Ind Bldg S(669569)

Accurex Technologies Pte Ltd

2 Jurong East St 21 #02-158 IMM Bldg S(609601)

Acumen Components Pte Ltd

9 Jurong Town Hall Rd #02-57 iHub S(609431)

AddCom Solution Pte Ltd

50 Kallang Pudding Rd #03-01A Golden Wheel Ind Bldg S(349326)

Adnet Solutions Pte Ltd

39 Jln Pemimpin #04-08 Tai Lee Ind Bldg S(577182)

Adtec Enterprise Pte Ltd

3016 Bedok Nth Ave 4 #08-08 Eastech S(489947)

With the mission to provide a comprehensive range of materials & electronics supplies and unwavering commitment to total quality that ...

AEC (SK) Pte Ltd

1090 Lower Delta Rd #07-10/11 S(169201)

AEC (SK) Pte Ltd started in the year 1986 is a well established company specializing in the field of electrical works, electronics and ...

AED Electric Pte Ltd

21 Toh Guan Rd East #06-04 Toh Guan Centre S(608609)

Aitop Pte Ltd

138 Cecil St #08-04 Cecil Ct S(069538)