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Electric Motor Speed Controls

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Electric motors are devices composed of rotating wire coils that rely on a magnetic force to switch electrical energy to mechanical energy. A typical motor is made of axle, rotor, brushes, field magnet and power supply (either AC or DC). Assisting electric motors for management purposes are motor controllers which have predetermined settings used for overload protection, speed regulation, torque limitation and rotation selection. They are also used for either manually or automatically shutting electric motors down. Automatic controllers are usually used for user safety purposes.

There are at least four different kinds of motor controllers that are commonly used today’s market.
• Adjustable-speed drives or ASD are also known as variable-speed drive or (VSD) which is used to adjust a mechanical load’s operating speed.
• Intelligent motor controllers or IMCs rely on a microprocessor for the regulation and control of power on electronic gadgets. They monitor the load of a motor, adjustments are made to a motor torque once load is determined.
• Motor starters are available in small and large sizes. Depending on the type of application, smaller motor starters are manually operated while larger starters are specially produced switching units for voltage power supply.
• Reduced voltage starters are used to lessen the motor’s initial provision of torque and starting draw of current.

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Basic Listings

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Ace Pillar (S) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Ace Pillar Taiwan Co. Ltd which is a Taiwan Public company listed on the Greater Taiwan ...

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CE Industries Pte Ltd (CEI) is a sales, service and solution provider of electrical, HVAC equipment and heavy machinery. The products we ...

Central Li Trading

21 Toh Guan Rd East #07-20 Toh Guan Centre S(608609)

Central Li Trading was established in 1990 to deliver top-of-the-line solutions to the world of motion control industry and power ...

CHYK Electricals Pte Ltd

30 Kallang Pudding Rd #03-05 Valiant Ind Bldg S(349312)

Chyk Electricals Pte Ltd is a global distributor of Industrial , Electricals , and Automation Equipment. We offer a wide range of ...