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A water eductor or water dredge is an eductor-jet pump-based tool utilized by undersea archaeologists to eliminate sediments from an undersea historical site Airlifts may be utilized for the exact same purpose.

Archaeologists preparing a water dredge on a shallow site.
It consists of a big bore straight tube to which is connected a tube pipeline through which clean water is pumped. The Bernoulli effect from the circulation of pumped water triggers suction at the mouth of the dredge. Water and sediment are sucked from the excavation website and released from the back of the tube. Television can be made from any stiff product such as steel or plastic. The size of the tube depends upon the power offered from the pump and whether fragile work is required.

In the hands of a qualified archaeologist, the water dig up carries out the very same function as a wheelbarrow on land. It is utilized to carry away sediments, not to dig holes. The archaeologist removes the material using a trowel, brush or by making a fanning movement with the hand to cause an existing to remove sediment. The archaeologist can also position overburden product straight into the mouth of the dredge. As the water dredge will remove particles held in suspension in the water, offered it is utilized correctly it will improve exposure in the instant area of the excavation. Careful use of the water dig up guarantees that artifacts can be taped in context and functions and stratigraphy can be studied.

Using a water dig up or airlift, the underwater archaeologist has a benefit over terrestrial counterparts, as the spoil is removed without effort and without having to be transported across other parts of the archaeological site.

Where there is a possibility of small artifacts being missed out on due to the fact that of poor presence, a trap may be utilized at the outlet so that the raised sediment can be filtered.

Water eductors are also used by marine treasure hunters to suck sediments for filtering for buried artifacts. Using the water dig up to directly draw sediments suggests that historical info on context and stratigraphy is not tape-recorded.

An eductor can also form part of a wet scrubber system which are created to eliminate soluble gases and particle by causing a gas circulation utilizing high pressure liquid focused into a venturi throat. In addition, Eductor scrubbers can be used for direct-contact condensation

From time to time it is reported that on screw chillers using eductors for oil return, when running at low load conditions, it appears that the eductor does not operate effectively enough to return an enough quantity of oil to the oil separator or sump to preserve its oil level, which then triggers the chiller to close down on low oil, a consequence of oil kept in the refrigerant charge in the evaporator.

For such a chiller which utilizes an eductor for oil return, the cause of the failure might not be low load, however rather low lift. In a convenience cooling environment, chiller load is responsive to outside temperature. That is, when it is hot outside, heat streams rapidly into the structure and chiller load is high. Concurrently, the chiller should decline its heat to a high ambient temperature. Hence the chiller operating at a high load condition is likewise running at a high lift condition. Raise is defined as the difference in between the suction and discharge saturation temperatures (or pressures).

When the outside temperature is cool, little heat has to be eliminated from the conditioned space and so chiller load is low. The low load is accompanied by a low lift condition because the ambient temperature level is down from its high value. The low lift is the cause of the loss of efficiency of the eductor. The eductor is owned by the pressure distinction between the condenser and the evaporator. When this pressure distinction falls, the flow inducing capability of the eductor is minimized. The circulation inducing capability of the eductor is approximately proportional to the square of the pressure distinction. Thus, a pressure difference decrease to 50% of design will result in a caused flow reduction to 25% of design.

Not all chillers serve the convenience cooling market. There are chillers used to chemical procedures, for example, that may have differing load but consistent lift; i.e. continuous suction and discharge temperatures. If served by a sufficiently sized eductor based oil return system, these chillers would not likely have oil loss issues related to fill.

Possible remedies for bad eductor performance in low lift applications consist of reducing the oil discharge rate of the compressor/separator and customizing the control system to increase the minimum lift of the system.

Liquid in the Compressor Suction

Ideally, any liquid getting in the compressor suction will be rich enough in oil and lean enough in refrigerant that lubrication will be satisfactory. If any liquid ingested into a compressor has too low a concentration of oil, lubrication might be compromised and use leading to compressor failure can take place. All compressors are vulnerable to lack-of-lubrication failure, either from absence of oil or from excessive refrigerant in the oil.

A second kind of failure is the result of injecting too much liquid refrigerant/oil into a compressor that can damage or destroy the compressor by "liquid slugging". Screw and scroll compressors are rather more tolerant of liquid in the suction stream than are reciprocating compressors. This is due to the varying nature of the compression processes.

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