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Earth control measures are carried out in building and construction sites to prevent silt from polluting our waterways. Building and construction activities inevitably include land clearance, which results in generation of bare surfaces i.e. exposure of soil to erosion. When it rains, silt cleans down from the exposed earth surface areas.

The natural deposit, soil, is the thin layer of inorganic and natural materials that covers the Earth's rocky surface area. Soil development involves a great deal of aspects and is a time taking procedure. Mechanical wear and tear of rocks due to temperature changes, wind, moving water, lichens are a few of the contributing elements.

Contaminants like toxic substances, radioactive products, salts, chemicals, when contributed to the soil, degrade the texture, quality and mineral material of the soil. This leads to soil pollution. Soil toxins disturb the biological balance of the organisms in the soil. The unfavorable impact of this contamination is reduced soil fertility impacting plant and animal growth.

Significant causes of soil pollution are:

Random use of fertilizers
Random usage of insecticides, herbicides and pesticides
Disposal of big quantities of strong waste
Logging and soil disintegration
Addition of commercial contaminants
Dumping of radioactive wastes
Control of soil pollution

Numerous actions suggested in order to control soil pollution are as follows:

Decreasing chemical fertilizer and pesticide usage:

As the soil disintegration has become a major cause of concern we have to adopt the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in order to decrease the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Biofertilizers are the best alternatives for chemical fertilizers. They are microbes which are utilized to increase the fertility and development capacity of soil. This process of Biofertilization likewise reduces the requirement for fungicides and pesticides.

Practice of crop rotation - Leguminous plants can fix atmospheric nitrogen and hence enhance the soil fertility. These plants can be grown between the crops which absorb a lot of soil nutrients.

Recycling of products

Recycling and reusing of products such as glass containers, plastic bags, paper, cloth and so on at domestic levels instead of getting rid of, reduces the solid waste pollution. Use of plastic bags has increased significantly. Paper bags or jute bags can be a great alternative for them. Toys made up of clay can be a great source of amusement for kids. A complete restriction on using plastics is recommended.


Wastelands, soil disintegration and floods can be managed by reforestation. Big forests have ended up being victim to man's greed. It takes years together to reform a forest. Every person in the world ought to decide to plant trees to save our world earth.

Treatment of waste

Biological treatment of the waste utilizing anaerobic microorganisms, such as methanogens and acetogens is advisable as it helps to break down the soil wastes into a less eco-friendly and poisonous form. Industrial and radioactive wastes should be effectively dealt with prior to leaving them to soil.

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