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Drill bits are one of the widely used cutting tools in the construction industry. These create holes in woods or metals wherein the hole is usually in a cylindrical shape or in a circular cross-section area. It is available in various drill bit sizes and shapes depending on the application being performed. A drilling machine applies mechanism wherein it rotates the drill bit providing the axial force and the torque in order to create the hole. A drill bit consists of a shank and cutting edge wherein the shank is the part of the drill bit grasped by the drill’s chuck while the cutting edge is the one cutting or creating the hole.

There are different types of drill bits applied; these are finished from hard materials such as carbides and steels that are used to cut metal, wood, and plastic. Some drill bits have coatings that can provide lubricity, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance extending the cutting life of a high speed drill bit. It can be black oxide, titanium nitride or diamond powder.

The twist bit also known as twist drills is the most common drill bit used in the industry. This kind of drill bit is usually used on plastic, timber, and metal wherein the front edges cut the material while the spiral removes the debris keeping the bit straight. Other types of drill bits are: concrete drill bits, masonry drill bits, as well as the tungsten carbide drill bits. Wood drill bits, metal drill bits, core drill bits, and diamond drill bits are also included.

Singapore’s The Green Book offers its comprehensive listing of companies together with their market information where you can get drill bits, drill bits sets and other related classifications that you are looking for.

Basic Listings

All-Wares Supply Pte Ltd

34 Toh Guan Rd East #01-28 Enterprise Hub S(608579)

All-Wares Supply Pte Ltd was established in the year 1981 as a supplier for industrial hardware needs. Our main goal is to provide a ...

Altersource Pte Ltd

71 Bt Batok Cres #10-04 Prestige Centre S(658071)

Set up in 2004 to service the general engineering industries, Altersource now distributing Parlec Inc. (USA) producer of Toolholders, ...

Altersource Tooling System

71 Bt Batok Cres #10-04 Prestige Centre S(658071)

With offices in Singapore, Batam, Indonesia and China, Altersource Tooling System specializes in distribution of major brands of cutting ...

Boon Koon Hardware Pte Ltd

45 Dickson Rd S(209520)

Boon Koon Hardware Pte Ltd has been established since December 1982 with current assets of 8 million. The core business is importing and ...

CBA Industries Pte Ltd

217 Henderson Rd #02-02 Henderson Ind Pk S(159555)

CBA Industries Pte Ltd mission is to provide quality products that will lower your manufacturing and production cost. We are fully engaged ...

Chop Aik Hong Pte Ltd

30 Kallang Pudding Rd #01-05 Valiant Ind Bldg S(349312)

Chop Aik Hong Pte Ltd specializes in Abrasives, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Clamping Tools, Soldering Tools, Saws, Motorcar ...

Ekay International Pte Ltd

2 Kallang Pudding Rd #02-11 Mactech Bldg S(349307)

We are trading company which carries various industrial products including professional handtools, pneumatic tools, air compressors, ...

Eureka Tools Pte Ltd

194 Pandan Loop #04-10 Pantech Business Hub S(128383)

GP System (S) Pte Ltd

51 Bt Batok Cres #04-04/05 Unity Centre S(658077)