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Double Girder EOT Crane

Designed with high standards of safety factors, Double Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes or most commonly known as Double Girder EOT Cranes are made to adapt in any condition or use. We have this is a type of an overhead crane that consists of two end trucks, double grinder and a trolley hoist unit.

This was made in accordance to strict safety standards. Double Girder EOT Crane capacity can lift varying load ranges. It can be used as transporters, to relocate or transfer heavy loads, can be used in construction of heavy equipment and many more.

The following are the advantage of using Double Girder EOT Cranes:
• Maximized strength due to double girder design
• Analytically reliable during assemble
• Multiple speed selection option for all motions using slip ring motors
• Suitable for operator by using optional cabin control.
• Easy maintenance with walk ways and assembly platforms

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