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Hydraulic doors are type of doors mainly used in any industrial settings due to its heavy duty and functionality. It is a first class door that can be installed into any new building or retro fitted to an existing agricultural machine sheds, post and frame farm buildings, aircraft hangars, block or steel architectural structures, and other industrial shops.

Although hydraulic industrial doors are the most common ones with this type of door, there are also commercial hydraulic doors and residential hydraulic doors in the market today serving the needs and requirement of commercial and consumer markets.

Doors are any moving structures often in four-sided shapes used to block-off and allow access to enter and exit to an enclosed space usually an in a building or establishments and vehicles. They are used in controlling spaces’ physical atmosphere by opening-and-closing the air drafts to make interiors humid or cooled. Moreover, doors play a vital role in preventing the spread of fire in an establishment securing further loss and damage. In addition to this, it serve as a barrier to noise and most of the time equipped with locking mechanisms to allow safety and security from unwanted entries.

Hydraulic doors companies, manufacturer, distributor and supplier are listed at The Green Book directory in Singapore fortified with comprehensive company profile descriptions and specific products and services showcase information readily available to all consumers looking for the best and top-of-the-quality hydraulic doors products, solutions and services in an array of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.

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Kenson Enterprise Pte Ltd

17 Joo Koon Rd S(628977)

Kenson has established a 35­years old record as a reliable, dependable and trustworthy business partner with many large and small ...