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Device Systems | EGS

The Device Systems | EGS from OBO BETTERMANN South East Asia Pte. Ltd. offers an outstanding electrical installation solution. This Device Systems | EGS - Modul 45 series provides aesthetical and functional solution for electrical wiring and installation in different locations.

This System is very adaptable and it can be installed generally underfloor system, through cavity wall and concealed wall device installation ducts and installation column system.

Our Modul 45 series - Device Systems | EGS promotes faster and safer socket system electrical installation that is suitable for video, computer, audio, network and control integrated connections for convenient multimedia support.

It has a state of the art screw connection which will allow the Modul 45 series - Device Systems | EGS be installed on site in just a short span of time and it is also neatly installed with high quality plastic connection panels that have normal standard color for superior appearance which is pleasing to the eyes.

This Device Systems | EGS allows the integration of all standard systems such as:
• Dsub9
• Mini jack
• Clinch for video and audio

Product/ System Range:
• Socket systems
• Switching and connection systems
• Data technology systems
• Concealed and surface-mounted adapter systems
• Workplace systems
• Industrial and special connector systems
• Energy distribution systems

• High Quality
• Safe to use
• Corrosion resistance
• Durable
• Efficient
• Easy to maintain

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