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Safety Gloves

INout also supplies Safety Gloves such as:

Blue Nitrile Gloves (Food Grade)
Material:Polymer coated Blue NitriteApproved for food handling.Excellent for small parts handling, electronic assembly, restaurants, food preparation and processing, pharmaceutical use and laboratory work.Available length: 9 inch

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves
Material:100% pure Nitrile without plasticizers. Contain no Phthalate Esters, Silicone oil and Amide.Rugged - three times more puncture resistant than vinyl or natural rubber gloves of equal thickness.Resistant to solvent chemicals.Excellent sensitivity, superior strength and flexibility. Available length: 9 and 12 inch

Cleanroom Latex Gloves
Material:100% pure Natural Latex without plasticizers. Contain no Phthalate Esters, Silicone oil and Amide.
It provides a snug fit with reduce hand fatigue.
Excellent for small parts handling, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical use and laboratory work.

Top/Palm Fit Gloves
Top fit gloves are made from 10% nylon with polyurethane coated on the fingertips while palm fit gloves are made from 100% nylon with the polyurethane coated on the palm. The polyurethane coating on the gloves provides anti-slip and anti-cut.

ESD Lint Free Gloves
These ESD gloves, made from high quality material and excellent workmanship, are suitable for normal or less stringent controlled environment. They also come in special coatings on the palm side to provide better grip while wearing them.

High Temperature Gloves
FG -260 / FG-390
Oven or tin baking is an important process for Semi-conductor and optoelectric industries, but operating temperatures are quite high. Worker's hands are easily hurt if not suitably protected.AFC's antistatic and heat resistant gloves, EverSafe® FG-260 and EverSafe® FG-390, provide excellent insulation from heat conduction when handling high temperature objects for short time durations.These gloves are very suitable for heat and flame protection. In addition, EverSafe® FG-260 and EverSafe® FG-390, made of lint free filament yarn, can also be used in controlled environments without contamination problems.

High temperature resistance up to 300°c for short time durations.
Non-linting glove made of cleanroom compatible continuous filament yarn.

For Semi-conductor, Optoelectric industry, SMT Assembly, Disc Drive, etc.
For where the production line will use oven or tin baker
Specification Composition: Aramid Conductive yarn
Surface resistance: 108-9 Ω
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