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Safety Gloves

We offer this Safety Gloves which are applicable for handling and mechanical use. These Safety Gloves are safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful substances like carcinogenic/ toxic or any substances that may cause allergies to sensitive skin persons.

These Safety Gloves are designed to protect the hands from grievances and is made from a high quality nylon spandex that has a PU nitrile microfoam coating for ensuring that your hands are fully protected and comfortable at the same time.

• Non shrinking
• Anti static
• Comfortable to wear
• Durable
• Flexible
• Anti door
• Anti fungal
• Thermal resistant
• Weather resistant
• Made from high quality materials
• Breathable
• Protection of the hands
• Lessen the possibility of getting blisters and wounds

• Marine
• Chemical processing
• Food and Beverages
• Oil and Gas
• Buildings
• Construction
• Metal and mining
• Pharmaceutical
• Shipping
• Transport
• Telecommunication

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Koma Industrial Gloves Pte Ltd started on the industrial gloves and safety supplies business since 1973. We focused our expertise on safety...

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