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Supply and Installation of new Pumps

Pumps in heavy load operations that uses electricity are commonly called electrically driven pump. These Pumps allow fluids sometimes gasses to move by means of mechanical actions. Some of the pumps are operated by means of energy sources to perform works and these are wind power, engines, electricity and sometimes it can be operate manually. There are n a lot of different pumps with variety of usage and applications such as oil pumps for pumping oil used by oil miners, water pumps in car industry for water cooling, pond filtering, aquarium filtering and pumping water from wells by means of Mechanical Pump.

Hock Cheong Electric supplies and install new pumps for the businesses whose dealing with this kind of products. The company is equipped with high quality pumps and experienced and well-trained personnel to serve at its fullest capacity to meet customers’ expectations for their demanding requirements.

Want to avail quality pumps and other electrical products? Check this out at Hock Cheong Electric Pte Ltd. They assure great and excellent products and services that exceeds your expectation.


• Competitive Price
• Safe and easy to use
• Reliable
• Made with high quality materials
• Follows safety standards

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