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Speck Pumpen Side-Channel, Boiler Feed, Liquid Ring Vacuum, Displacement, Heat Transfer pumps

Side Channel, Liquid Ring Vacuum, Displacement pumps, Radial Impeller, Heat-Transfer, NPSH-Suction, Oscillating Piston, Multistage Boiler Feed, Magnetic Drive, Mechanical Seal, Inverted Construction, Gear, Valveless, Roller Vane pumps

Sales, Maintenance and Servicing for Speck Pumpen Side-Channel, Boiler Feed, Liquid Ring Vacuum, Displacement, Heat Transfer, Multistage Pumps.

Key Specifications/Special Features: Pumps with Radial Impeller

Boiler Feed, Multistage:ES-320/400/500/650

Heat Transfer Pumps

With Shaft Sealing, Close Coupled: TOE-GA / GI

With Magnetic Drive, Bearing Bracket: TOE-MN

With Magnetic Drive, Close Coupled: TOE-MA/MI

Side Channel Pump

Mechanical Seal,Self-Priming:SK

NPSH-Suction,Mechanical Seal: ASK

Magnetic Driven,Self-Priming: SK-MK

Displacement Pumps

Oscillating / Double-Oscillating Piston: SAP-4/7, SAP-7-2

Gear,Self-Priming: ZY-1/2/3-MK

Roller Vane,Self-Priming: DS-60/450/540/690

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Single-Stage, Internal Water Separator: VI 2, VI 30/55

All-Rounders with Valve: V6, V30/55, V95/130/155

Low-Maintenance: VG30/55, VG95/130/155/255

Food Industries, Inverted Construction: VGI 140

Country Of Product Origin: Germany
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