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Marine Air Con Chiller Unit

Towa Marine & Industry Services specializes in the repairing of ships’ air-conditioning, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and cold room systems.

Our range of products and services:
• Marine Air Conditioning Chiller Unit

• Marine Air Conditioning Package Unit

• Marine Air Conditioning Control Panel

• Marine Air Conditioning Air Handling Unit (Customizable)

• Marine Air Conditioning Compressor Repair/Overhaul

• Marine Provision Condensing Unit

• Marine Air Conditioning Turnkey Project Specialist

• Marine Air Conditioning Heat Exchanger Repair

• Used Reconditioned Air Conditioning Compressor

• Any Other HVAC Related Products/Services, Call Us To Enquire More!


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 marine air con chiller unit


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Our History...Established since 1979, we are well reputed in the ship repairing industry. Our company specializes in the repairing of...