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Certis CISCO Aviation Security Services

In the wake of recent events and the growing threats of terrorism, there is world –wide urgency in the hardening of security functions and the reviewing of aviation security policies around the world, in particular to airports and its supporting functions, premises and assets.

Security lapses can have devastating effects and affect more than just the arrival and destination countries. One of the bigger challenges is that with additional security measures, there is a fine balance between enforcement of security policies and yet maintaining efficicieny.

Certis CISCO provides aviation security manpower services to meet the many needs of aviation security requirements. From X-ray screening for check-in baggage, boarding-gate screening of baggage and passengers, to patrols for perimeter security functions, our officers are trained to be professional in their duties and to deliver quality service. Under a total quality management scheme, they are also trained to be assertive yet customer – oriented and to be mindful that they are also ambassadors of the country to visitors.

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Certis CISCO operates the largest Auxiliary Police Force in Singapore with over 3,000 trained officers. We are also the most established in...