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DEJOND - Nut Inserts

VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd provides comprehensive range of quality DEJOND – Nut Inserts which are used for wide range of industrial applications like electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecom, railways, marine, medical, metal furniture, pulp and paper, etc.

DEJOND nutserts are made of various combinations of body design, dimensions and materials to accommodate varying needs. These are constructed from standardized and top grade components to achieve superior strength that can last for a long time. These fasteners are specially developed to provide strong secured thread in a thin sheet without damaging the surface of the workpiece. Other features include unloseable after setting, low installation cost since no expensive tools required, fast assembly time, and can work in close-to-edge applications.

At VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd, we provide top quality fasteners that can satisfy every application requirement.

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