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DC & AC Power Pack & Manifold

Suitable applications of a DC & AC Power Pack (Winner):
  • Electric sanitation truck
  • Dock leveler
  • Wing trucks
  • Electric push cart and pallet lift
  • Dump trailers
  • Scissor lift
  • Car tailgate
  • Other mobiles and integrated circuit applications

Key Specifications & Special Features of a DC & AC Power Pack:
  • Standard tank size vary from 0.16L to 18L
  • Pump capacity range is from 0.5 cc/rev to 7.3 cc/rev
  • DC motors from 0.55 kW to 3.0 kW
  • AC motors from 0.25 Hp to 4.0 Hp
  • Hydraulic circuit valve can be inter-changed with standard manifold
Manifolds are custom-made according to customers’ requirements
All Manifolds will be fully pressure & function tested before delivery
Manifolds can be tested up to 350 Bar
Material: Aluminum or ASTM-36 carbon steel

All of our products are supplied by Winner and have undergone meticulous testing, ensuring that they will deliver quality performance even under extreme conditions. To get complete product and service information or have your product custom-made, you may directly contact our team.
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