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Crane Remote Controls Systems

Gone are the days wherein crane operations are initiated and controlled by either a taxicab mounted administrator or push–buttons hanging by a crane as numerous number of commercial enterprises resort to utilize remote control for their crane operations. Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd offers an ergonomically designed and highly-reliable Crane Remote Control System to its clients coupled with their outstanding after-sales services.

So how does it work?

A crane remote control system comprises of a portable transmitter unit that produces control signals and receiving equipment installed on the crane which are electrically connected to the crane’s motor controller, these switches serve as the main controller to all crane’s functions. Each switch generates a unique combination of pulses that are received to the crane-mounted receiver through a radio signal or infrared beam.

Growa’s Assurance

As the key to the accuracy and reliability of remote controller operation lies entirely in the encode/decode schemes, Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd gave its assurance that their products are tested and offers training for a hassle and accident – free operation.

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