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Cooling towers function as a heat exchanger in which air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water’s temperature. They either use the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to near the wet-bulb air temperature or rely solely on air to cool the working fluid to near the dry-bulb air temperature. Cooling towers are designed to work to eliminate excess heat from industrial processes. They are an essential part of industry, and play an important role in temperature control in homes and businesses as well. Cooling towers are also referred to evaporate heat rejection devices.

There are various types of cooling towers. One of the common types is the natural draft-cooling tower. It uses buoyancy of exhaust air going up in a chimney to provide the required draft for cooling. Another type of cooling tower is the mechanical-draft which relies on power driven fans that draw or force the air through the particular tower. There is also the fan-assisted natural draft tower which uses a mechanical draft to increase the buoyancy.

Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, HVAC systems, and thermal power stations for cooling buildings. Cooling towers are used in air conditioning, electric power generation and in various manufacturing facilities. Some of the industrial applications that require cooling are sugar manufacturing, refrigeration, steel manufacturing, and petroleum refining.

To determine the right cooling towers for commercial, residential, and industrial application, Singapore’s The Green Book invites people to use any of the company and product information provided on this listing and other related classification for their purchasing needs.

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Cooling Towers

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd is your agent and distributor for all process cooling needs including Cooling Towers. The excessive production processes of factories, plants or manufacturers in the industrial sectors of today results to too much

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57 Senang Cres S(416624)

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd

Incorporated in the year 1994, Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd is currently a leading manufacturer of Industrial Water Chiller, Air Dehumidifier, Heat Exchangers, Oil Cooler and Low Temperature Brine Chiller application products. Our company is an ...

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Fuego Engineering Pte Ltd

5001 Beach Rd #04-13 Golden Mile Complex S(199588)

Fuego Engineering Pte Ltd is known as the sole agent for Fantech Ventilation and Acoustic Products and Sun Cooling towers. We also bring ...

Avatank Engineering Pte Ltd

Blk 79 Geylang Bahru #01-2606 S(339687)

Avatank Engineering Pte Ltd is specialized in panel type water with material ranging from GRP to Pressed (Red Primer coated Mild Steel, Hot ...

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Conic Engineering And Trading Pte Ltd

421 Tagore Industrial Ave #02-16 Tagore 8 S(787805)

Conic Engineering and Trading Pte Ltdis specialized in water tank and cooling tower business. We are proud to be sales representative of ...

Advanced Solutions Engineering Pte Ltd

3018 Bedok Nth St 5 #01-52 Eastlink S(486132)

Advanced Solutions Engineering Ptd Ltd is your one-stop solution-provider for pumps, motors and seals systems. In Advanced Solutions ...

Aggreko (S) Pte Ltd

8B Buroh St S(627532)

Aggreko Asia is a leader in the rental of power, temperature control and loadbank. We help companies increase profits by creating ...

Apex Asiatic Engineering Pte Ltd

Blk 808 French Rd #07-163 Kitchener Complex S(200808)

Apex Asiatic Engineering Pte Ltd (Tel :62944588, Mobile:97851058,email : is an established professional company ...

Aceta Engineering Pte Ltd

449 Tagore Ind Ave #04-01 Greatland Ind Bldg S(787820)

Carion Air Conditioning Services Pte Ltd

63 Ubi Ave 1 #07-03 Boustead Hse S(408937)

Carion Air Conditioning Services Pte Ltd is a company committed to provide total quality specialized services in Air-Conditioning, ...