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Connection and Fastening System | VBS

OBO BETTERMANN South East Asia Pte. Ltd. offers Connection and Fastening System | VBS which will guarantee you a secured fastening and good connection for a long period of time.

This Connection and Fastening System | VBS that OBO BETTERMANN South East Asia Pte. Ltd. offers has a wide range of system from junction box systems to concealed and cavity wall systems, terminal systems, cable fastening systems: plastic and brass, cable/ pipe fastening systems : plastic, metal, special and piping system.

We are positive in telling our customers that every components we offer have a sufficient resistance against deteriorations, weather and UV rays for better surface mounting and to ensure that our Connection and Fastening System | VBS is very efficient to use.

Our Connection and Fastening System | VBS is safer than the other, it is composed of explosion protective materials with accordance to EC directive 94/9/EC to protect and prevent explosions cause by combustible gases and dusts.

OBO BETTERMANN guarantees that our product has undergone and passed VDE Testing and Certification Institute with CE mark showing its compliance to all legal requirements and code of practice.

This Connection and Fastening System | VBS that we provide was planned and designed carefully by skilled and experienced professionals and was constructed with high IP protection rating of IP 54 and IP 68 ensuring its ingress dust and no ingress of dust protection with overall contact protection for better performance and may not lead to any damage within the system.

Product/System Range:
• Junction box systems
• Concealed and cavity wall systems
• Terminal systems
• Cable fastening systems
• Cable and pipe fastening systems
• Pipe systems
• Pipe hanger systems
• Rail systems
• U-clamp systems
• Screw-in and knock-in systems

• High Quality
• Safe to use
• Corrosion resistance
• Weather and UV resistance
• Durable
• Efficient
• Easy to maintain

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