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Highly effective and efficient Condensate Pumps are widely used in different applications. TLV Pte Ltd offers broad range of advanced recovery equipment to accommodate various recovery capacity and applications. The extensive line of products we provide include ejector pumps for recovery of high temperature condensate, mechanical pumps as well as vacuum pumps for the recovery of low pressure, low temperature condensate.

Our GT Series Condensate Pumps are incorporated with integral steam trap which makes it well-suited for condensate recovery equipment which encounters fluctuations in pressure coming from negative to positive pressure. These pumps are powered by steam, thus electrical facilities are not required which make them perfect to use in explosion proof installations.

The condensate recovery pumps excellently recover and transport condensate to efficiently recycle the heat energy and water resources. In addition, these pumps are equipped with snap-action mechanism that immediately switches between sending condensate going to the mechanical pump and transporting the condensate. Thus, the mechanism avoids delay-induced leakage of motive medium or steam.
Applications: • Heat Exchangers
• Reboilers
• Air conditioning equipment
• Cylinder dryers
• Absorption cooling machinery
Key Specifications/Special Features: • Provide greater energy conservation
• Effective Stall Prevention
• Easy and simple to operate
• Straightforward and trouble-free installation and maintenance

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