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Chiller, Chillers, Air/Water Cooled Industrial Chiller

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd provides comprehensive range of Chiller, Chillers, Air/Water Cooled Industrial Chiller, featuring several capacities over a wide operation range to accommodate various applications. Air cooled chillers and water

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57 Senang Cres S(416624)

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd

Incorporated in the year 1994, Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd is currently a leading manufacturer of Industrial Water Chiller, Air Dehumidifier, Heat Exchangers, Oil Cooler and Low Temperature Brine Chiller application products. Our company is an ...

Industrial Chillers

Atom-Drive Pte Ltd is an Air Compressor, Industrial Chiller & Pump Company in Singapore. Specialty: Main Distributor in Singapore, Direct Sales, Overhaul/Repair, Contract Servicing and turn-key projects to industry involving engineering,

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3018 Bedok Nth St 5 #05-48 Eastlink S(486132)

Atom-Drive Pte Ltd

Atom-Drive Pte Ltd is an Air Compressor, Industrial Chiller & Pump Company in Singapore. Specialty:Main Distributor in Singapore, Direct Sales, Overhaul/Repair, Contract Servicing and turn-key projects to industries involving engineering, ...

CF Water Chillers

CF Chillers, equipped with free-coding at high thermal efficiency coordinated by aimed software, allow very substantial power consumption savings. Perfect temperature control is achieved through the use of compressors with continuous capacity

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1 Bt Batok Cres #08-35 WCEGA Plaza S(658064)

Altech Equipment Systems Pte Ltd

With the expertise of European technology of compressed air producing & treatment equipment, Altech Equipment Systems Pte Ltd is proud to provide advanced dehydration & filtration process for our clients in Asia. Altech Equipment Systems Pte ...

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Protec Systems Pte Ltd

7 Soon Lee St #03-20 iSpace S(627608)

Protec Systems Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company providing regional sales & service in the low temperature refrigeration, ...

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ITS Science & Medical Pte Ltd

219 Henderson Rd #11-02 Henderson Ind Pk S(159556)

ITS Science & Medical is a business division under ITS GROUP which ranks regionally as a leading provider of scientific & medical ...

Switer Engineering (FE) Pte Ltd

Blk 1003 Toa Payoh Ind Pk #06-1519 S(319075)

Established in 1993, Switer Engineering (FE) Pte Ltd has gained the reputation as a quality distributor of engineering equipment and safety ...

TechGroup Electrical & Air-Cond Engineering Pte Ltd

Blk 3 Jln Kukoh #01-111 S(161003)

TechGroup Electrical & Air-Cond Engineering is established and based in Singapore which specializes in the following: -supply and ...

Aggreko (S) Pte Ltd

322 Jln Ahmad Ibrahim S(629151)

Aggreko Asia is a leader in the rental of power, temperature control and loadbank. We help companies increase profits by creating ...

APP Systems Services Pte Ltd

11 Toh Guan Rd East #03-01 APP Enterprise Bldg S(608603)

Carrier Rental Systems Asia Pte Ltd

28 Teban Gdns Cres S(608926)

Carrier Rental Systems Asia Pte Ltd was established to become a great provider of effective and specialized pumps and temperature control ...

Chemic Engineering Services Pte Ltd

61 Kaki Bt Ave 1 #06-25 Shun Li Ind Pk S(417943)

Specializing in surface finishing system, water treatment system, air control system and other treatment and electroplating process ...

Industrial chillers or chillers industrial allow liquid to circulate using a heat exchanger. Part of their cycle is the application of waste water that has undergone heating process in order to be used to cool the rooms. These machines come with a complete package of industrial chiller technology, either open-looped system or closed-loop system. They are equipped with internal cold water control, expansion valve, recirculating pumps, condenser and no-flow shutdown. They typically use water as coolant.

Chillers apply two types of refrigeration cycle.
• Absorption refrigeration cycle requires a heat source for the needed energy during cooling process. Heating systems, solar energy and fossil-fueled flames are examples of heat sources used on this cycle. This is used in recreational vehicles to store foods and buildings to cool rooms. The ANSI/AHRI standard 560-2000 is responsible for giving their standardization.
• Vapor-compression is a type of refrigeration used as an air-conditioning method on automobiles and buildings. This cycle covers different fields such as domestic, industrial and commercial. Refrigerators, warehouses, oil refineries, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and petrochemical plants are the leading users of this refrigeration cycle.

For chillers that employ vapor-compression, a refrigerant is used as their internal fluid. The pressure and operating temperatures are basis to be used when selecting a vapor compression chiller. It is important for the refrigerant’s cooling characteristics to be equivalent with the requirements of the applied cooling temperature.

Maintenance, efficiency, life cycle and environmental impact are some of the considerations people have to keep in mind when looking for the right chiller.

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