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Stud Link Anchor Chain is used for a Range of Floating Equipment, Including Oil Rigs, Ships and Mooring Buoys. It is also used on different ships consisting of: LNG-ships, LPG-ships, tankers, passenger boats, container ships, freight ships, ships for transport of cars, ferryboats, RORO-ships and so on. Hamanaka Chain is also utilized for mooring functions on FPSO's, semi-submersible oil well and mooring buoys. Hamanaka Chain is certified to the quality assurance system based on ISO 9001 and API Q1, in addition to the ecological management system based on ISO 14001, and is approved around the world by global organizations and classification societies.

This creation connects to wrought metal chain links of the stud type such as are used in chains for mooring ships and buoys and so forth, and more particularly to an enhanced method of manufacture of such links.

Heretofore, several techniques for making chain stud links of this class have been used with varying degrees of benefit and success. Of the prior art approaches, a first includes making the links from bar wrought iron fire welded by hand or by power and fitted with drop created or cast studs. A 2nd approach involves the casting of the links from molten steel poured into sand molds. A third method involves the forging of links under heavy drop hammers, usually called the Die-lock procedure. Still another technique involves the forming of two U-shaped pieces which are then collaborated by an electrical butt weld. A 5th technique, which is somewhat associated to the herein divulged technique, consists in flexing pieces of bar stock of a desired length into a link shape, and closing the opening remaining between completions of the bar by a suitable welding procedure. The cross bar or stud is independently made from a piece sheared or saw cut from rolled bar stock and inserted crosswise in the link. With the preformed stud in position, one end rests on the side of the link opposite the abovementioned opening, and the other end approaches the base of stated opening. With the stud kept in position in an ideal jig or mold, a weld is started at the last-mentioned end of the stud, and the stud and the equally directed ends of the link joined together by a constant welding process. Afterwards, in an independent operation, a fillet bonded deposit is made around the other end of the stud at the junction thereof with the opposite of the link.

Links made in accordance with the technique simply explained have the advantage of relatively lowcost because they are bent from bar stock with reasonably little waste as compared with forging or casting approaches, the variety of manufacturing actions are relatively couple of, and a minimum of heavy equipment is required to carry out the technique. This type of link has particular drawbacks and weaknesses stemming from the usage of the individually made stud. The stud itself is a comparatively expensive item since of the different manufacturing steps required in their production, namely, cutting the pieces from rolled bar stock, managing the pieces and finally setting them in position preparatory to the welding operation. Apart from the expense of manufacture, this type of stud fits loosely in the link providing the appearance of bad craftsmanship. Because the stud pieces are sawed or sheared from bar stock, they necessarily have flat ends and accordingly do not adhere to the rounded contour of the bar stock of the link, leading to a poorfit and openness of joint.

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