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Centrifugal Fans

Meta-Vent Pte Ltd provides broad range of top quality and high performance Centrifugal Fans for numerous applications. These include Single inlet, single width and double inlet, double width (DIDW & SISW – Backward Curve) fans.

These backward-inclined designed wheels bring wide pressure/volume performance, medium speed operation with non-overloading and top level efficiency, making them highly suitable for all types of air handling applications. Quiet operation at a higher total static effectiveness is achieved due to the wheels’ maximum operating efficiency at relatively low tip speed.

The wheels’ non-overloading feature allows the brake horsepower to level off at a point which then permits economical motors to not be overloaded even if the system pressure drops.

Furthermore, the backward inclined fan are made of heavy gauge, single thickness blades that are welded securely to a heavy gauge back plate and wheel cone to make sure of smooth airflow into the blades. Also, allowing a close running fit between the inlet cone and wheel shroud. Smooth operation can be executed since these wheels are statically and dynamically balanced according to precise tolerances. The drive system can either be direct-driven or belt driven depending on the need or requirement.
  DIDW backward curved belt driven fan SISW backward curved belt driven fan
Size 250 to 1400mm dia 250 to 1400mm dia
Capacities Up to 250,000 m3/hr with total pressure of up to 3200 Pa Up to 80,000 m3/hr with total pressure of up to 2500 Pa
Application AHU, packaged unit and ventilation Ventilation and smoked spill application

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