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CARIBONI Conductor Systems

With over the years of hands-on experience with Conductor Systems, we have proven ourselves as a reliable solution-partner to our clients. With this CARIBONI Conductor Systems one can rely to have the best solution for all electrical feeding from crane hoist, bridge cranes, monorails and other mobile machines.

We offer different Conductor Systems for different requirements and applications, such as;
• Open Conductor System – an ideal solution for your multiple power loads which by nature experience a rough operation like traveling cranes, loading bridges, container handling equipment, electric hoist, etc.
• Insulated Conductor System – designed conductor rail for supplying your main power and signal current, data transmission and for your monorail systems requirement
• Compact Conductor Systems – solution offers mainly for indoor installations and for horizontal arrangements in straight tracks, due to its flat construction this is generally used in storage and sorting applications
• Enclosed Conductor Systems – system designed for wide ranges of applications for supplying power to a moving power loads

Our Offered Advantages
• Top safety, we conform with the international safety standards and offers state-of-the-art electrical feeding system to prevent against accidental contacts
• Compact arrangement, high solidity, thus, insulating housing and all its components are compact and considerable corrosion-resistant
• Ideally designed to both indoor and outdoor set-up
• Easy and fast installation and inspection
• Practically no costs of maintenance as we aim to deliver an maintenance-free system
• We aim to reduced the space necessary for the installation, thus, giving you more space in your workplace

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