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Champ Electronics & Systems Pte Ltd

16 New Ind Rd #02-01/02 Hudson Technocentre S(536204)

On February 24, 1995, Champ Electronics & Systems Pte Ltd was first established as a trading company in Singapore. Our company has ...

Kok Keong Electrical Engineering Co

Blk 1 Maude Rd #01-40 S(200001)

Based in Singapore, Kok Keong Electrical Engineering Co was established to provide solutions to wide range of industrial applications in ...

MAC Engineering Services & Trading Pte Ltd

10 Ubi Cres #03-83 Ubi Techpark Lobby E S(408564)

Established since 2001, MAC Engineering Services & Trading Pte Ltd is an exclusive distributor for DELAB and REGIS brand. We are also ...

Pan-Island Industrial (S) Pte Ltd

10 Kaki Bt Rd 1 #03-10 S(416175)

Pan-Island Industrial (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company dealing with electrical products. Our company carry a comprehensive range of ...

AET Electric Pte Ltd

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #01-05 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

Asia Electric Technologies is a company, which offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and products for solution to any electrical ...

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd

7 gambas cres #05-25 ark@gambas S(757087)

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd is a component trading and engineering company based in Singapore. Our services are:• Uninterrupted power ...

Asia Electric Technologies

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #04-06 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

Asia Electric Transformers

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #04-06 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

Asia Sun Power Pte Ltd

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #01-05 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

ASK Electronic Pte Ltd

10 Jln Besar #01-05/06 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)

Avx/Kyocera (S) Pte Ltd

28 Genting Lane #06-05/06 Platinum 28 S(349585)

B-Goh Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

101 Kitchener Rd #02-09 Jln Besar Plaza S(208511)

In some ways, capacitors are like batteries. Even though they function in entirely different way, batteries and capacitors both store electrical energy but capacitors are much simpler as they cannot generate new electrons – they can only store them.

A capacitor is an electrical component and is one of the most essential components in used. There are a variety of factors that one should consider when choosing capacitor types. Below are the most common capacitor parameters:
• Working Voltage: Capacitors like tantalum ones have a tendency to be available in low voltages while ceramic capacitors have a much extensive operating range. The working voltage required may be related to the capacitor choice and usage.
• Tolerance: For filters, oscillators and such applications, close tolerance capacitors are necessary.
• Leakage Current: In a number of applications, a high level of insulation is required. Electrolytic capacitors have low levels of leakage performance and this must be considered in decision making.
• Polarization: Polarized capacitors such as tantalum and electrolytic capacitors can only function with one voltage direction across them.
• Available Value Range: Determining the available ranges will guide a number of initial decisions on making the choice of capacitors according to applications.

The following are different types of capacitor with their applications according to their characteristics to help people in choosing the right capacitor:
• Aluminium Electrolytic – high ripple current capability and high capacity; used in power supply smoothing applications
• Polystyrene – larger and more expensive than ceramic, very low loss; used in RF coupling capacitor applications
• Silver Mica – low loss and stable, close tolerance but high in cost; used for tuned circuit uses
• Ceramic X7R – low loss, small, higher values available; ideal for RF decoupling applications
• Polyester / Polycarbonate – cheap, but values are not as high as electrolytics; used in audio frequency coupling uses

Indeed, there are numerous types of capacitors and it can be confusing to decide which ones should be purchased. The Green Book is an online directory that provides a wide-ranging list of capacitors in Singapore and other related products to meet the demands of businesses and individuals in need of electronic supplies.