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Cable Support System | KTS

The Cable Support System | KTS from OBO BETTERMANN is approved and guaranteed high quality in compliance to DIN EN 61537 follow up to DIN VDE 0639. We assure that all parameters such as area of application, temperature classification, test conditions and corrosion resistance are considered for better planning purposes.

Our Cable Support System acquires a sufficient conductivity for an excellent equipotential bonding and connection. We manged to maintain the stability of connection for our Cable Support System and all parts of our system is a CE compliant in accordance to EC directives.

All of the components of our Cable Support System | KTS is tested by a surface testing or salt spray mist test to check its sufficiency and resistance corrosion and harmful substances with the compliance in KTS standards, DIN EN 61537.

This Cable Support System | KTS has a fastening system that can reduced the installation time in an instant. The Clamp fastening used by this Cable Support System | KTS is very convenient to use and allows excellent connection without welding or drilling.

The RKS-Magic, MKS-Magic, SKS-Magic has the Green "very Good" logo with 2 ticks, OBO Sea is a member of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)

• Clamping system for installation
• Space Saver
• Flexible
• Easy to install
• High Quality
• Safe to use
• Corrosion resistant
• Durable
• Efficient
• Easy to maintain

• Indoor
• Tunnel construction
• Food industry
• Chemical industry
• Power plants
• Shipyards
• Residential & Public Buildings
• Infra projects (Airports)
• Wind power
• Solar energy
• Hospital & Nursery
• Sport facilities (stadiums)

Product/System Ranges:
• Electro galvanisation
• Strip galvanisation
• Hot-dip galvanisation
• Double dip galvanisation
• SS304 stainless steel (US No. 304 and EU No. 1.4301)
• V4A stainless steel (US No. 316/316 T and EU No. 1.4571)

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